Take Effect 2021

Take Effect

The saxophonist and woodwind player Hannah Horton offers us both originals and standards here, where her alluring brand of playing welcomes John Crawford, Nic France, Rob Statham and Ian Shaw to 10 emotive and playful jazz rooted tunes.

“Keep Walking” starts the listen with Horton’s warm and soulful sax alongside Crawford’s playful keys in the timeless original, and “Surfing Thermals” follows with much rhythm as France’s lively drumming aligns with the fluid brass of the laid back landscape.

In the middle, “Nardis” offers a very precise and dynamic display of bouncy bass lines and meticulous drumming as graceful keys and radiant sax don’t disappoint in the groovy standard, while “Windows” move at an initially calmer pace before building into a flourishing jazz execution that does justice to the Chick Corea song. “Horn Dance”, one of the album’s best, then flows with a stylish landscape that benefits much from Horton’s inimitable brass as she takes nods to folk music.

“Breathing Out”, 1 of 2 songs with singing from Ian Shaw, pairs his vocal acrobatics with Horton’s frisky sax playing in the funk friendly climate that’s cathartic in nature, and “Escape” exits the listen with breezy melodies amid the glorious display of upbeat and infectious songwriting.

Horton is quickly turning a lot of heads her way in the UK, where she lives, and with her unique and exciting playing and writing that embraces folk and funk, it certainly won’t be long until jazz fans around the world will be well acquainted with her work.

Travels well with: Bob Mintzer & WDR Big Band Cologne- Soundscapes; Montréal Jazz Trio- Montréal Jazz Trio