Bebop Spoken Word 2021

Bebop Spoken Word, Top 10 UK Jazz Blog, Sept 2021 for Inside Out

Hannah Horton blows funky tenor, gutsy baritone and can write a good tune. Proof of this latter accomplishment is found in the five originals on the album – Two of which have vocals and lyrics by Ian Shaw.
However, nor is Hannah found wanting when playing other people’s songs – she does them justice without treading on the toes or riding on the backs of the original versions. 
Nardis, she tells us, has become one of her favourite standards since divorcing.
Peacocks is one of her signature tunes so she just had to record it – I’m glad she did.
Windows – her favourite Chick Corea tune. Mine too – now!
Horn Dance – a local morris dance tune given a new twist with some of that gutsy baritone I mentioned earlier…
Feed the Birds. Yes it’s that awful tune from Mary Poppins. Not any longer – it kicks Julie Andrews into left field. Tuppence a bag? This take is worth a lot more.
Any album with Ian Shaw providing the voice and the words to go with it is well worth checking out and Frozen Light and Breathing Out are the ones featuring Shaw with Hannah’s baritone outstanding on the former and her tenor on the latter. Ian is typically outrĂ©, the voice and horn made for each other.
Keep Walking – the vibe of moving on; Surfing Thermals conjures up a variety of images but actually has nothing to do with the internet or winter underwear but relates to watching birds of prey gliding in the air. The final track, Escape, is about feeling the heat of the sun and heading off for a fantastic holiday.
Apart from the sax and the Shaw vocals, piano, bass and drums keep the groove alive. Great piano from John Crawford, superb bas and sympathetic drums. Lance