Jazzwise, Nov 2021 for Inside Out Rated ***

“Rising sax star Hannah Horton…..there’s bold and gritty playing, on both baritone and tenor sax….
Probably the biggest surprise comes in the form of a version of ’Feed the Birds’ from Mary Poppins, which is given a transformative groove here” *** Jazzwise on Inside Out (new album) Nov 2021
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BBC Music Magazine Dec 2021 for Inside Out Rated ****

“Rising multi-reeds star Hannah Horton’s convivial sound is turning heads in London…..’Keep Walking’ is a jaunty piece that hums along, while Mary Poppins’s ‘Feed The Birds’ is given the Sonny Rollins treatment. But Horton’s beautiful reading of Jimmy Rowles’s wistful  ‘The Peacocks’ and her take on Miles Davis’s ‘Nardis’ reveal a deeper dimension to her art.” **** BBC Music Magazine- Garry Booth on Inside Out (new album) Dec 2021
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Jazz Views, Sept 2021 for Inside Out

“As a listener I have taken an interest in Hannah Horton for a couple of years now. There is something refreshing and special about her approach, interpretation and delivery.
After listening  (several times) to this album there can be no doubt Hannah Horton is a musician with a deep respect for original music and a talent for creating her own compositions with arrangements which are generous to those accompanying too. There is nothing esoteric about this album – it will appeal to a huge range of people. It is an album without flaw and one which it felt a privilege to review………” – Sammy Stein, Jazz Views on Inside Out (new album) Sept 2021
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Bebop Spoken Word, Top 10 UK Jazz Blog, Sept 2021 for Inside Out

“Hannah Horton blows funky tenor, gutsy baritone and can write a good tune. Proof of this latter accomplishment is found in the five originals on the album – Two of which have vocals and lyrics by Ian Shaw. However, nor is Hannah found wanting when playing other people’s songs – she does them justice without treading on the toes or riding on the backs of the original versions…….” Lance Liddle, bebop spoken here on Inside Out (new album) Sept 2021
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Simply Jazz Talk, Sept 2021 for Inside Out

“The playing on Peacocks is absorbing, emotive, delicate, and utterly compelling. Each musician adds their own layer to this beautiful tune that creates one of those numbers that will sound different on each subsequent listening dependent on the mood of the listener at the time.”
This is the first album by Hannah Horton that I have heard – I have heard her play on other people’s releases – and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to her work. Hannah’s original compositions are good, and I like the fact that she has the confidence to own five of the ten tracks chosen for ‘Inside Out’. Her covers too are strong and well chosen – and in the case of ‘Feed the Birds’ somewhat inspired. I also like that the album has made use of the vocal talent of Ian Shaw whose lyrics give an added dimension to Hannah’s compositions. This is a good album that has elements of fun, reflection, emotion, and variety and will be in the CD player as soon as it arrives from Bandcamp and for some time after. Simply Jazz Talk on Inside Out (new album) Sept 2021
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The Jazz Man, Sept 2021 for Inside Out

“The leader shows an admirable fluency on both tenor and baritone saxophones and the playing from all concerned is excellent throughout.
Horton’s sax sound has been described as being ‘vocalised’, this in the sense that her melodic lines could easily be sung (as opposed to the free jazz or avant garde ‘extended technique’ interpretation of the term) and as such she’s a great communicator, her style punchy and direct.
Horton’s version [of Nardis] is up there with the best of them with the leader’s eloquence on tenor complemented by impressive cameos from Statham on electric bass and Crawford at the piano……” – The Jazz Man on Inside Out (new album) Sept 2021
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The Jazz World

“The funk is real, and it is evident on the opening track Keep Walking. You can tell that the band has an edge to them…This is some straight Supperclub stuff right there…” The Jazz World on Inside Out (new album) Sept 2021
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Kind of Jazz Rated ****

“One of the most satisfying albums I’ve heard this year. Highly recommended.” – Matthew Ruddick. Kind of jazz on Inside Out (new album) Sept 2021
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Great gutsy sound, I’ll be looking forward to hearing Hannah Horton again. – Lance Liddle, bebop spoken here review April 2021

It is the sax playing of Hannah Horton that really lifts this tune [Wandering Lost] and gives it an element of hope. – Simply Jazz Talk review Feb 2021

Hannah makes the big beast of a baritone sax sound like an angel – Ian Shaw 2020

Hannah is a lovely multi Sax player – Peter Fairman at Fleece Jazz 2020

By the third piece I knew it was going to be a good night, just by watching the band members look over at each other and then smile, it was apparent that this Jazz band got as much enjoyment out of making music and playing together, as the audience did watching and listening to them. Everyone was totally captured by this cool, young lady with the shock of pink hair, and matching pink shoes. This wonderful quartet played their way through some really intricate melodies and kept the audience captivated. Hannah Horton brought jazz into the modern world… was obvious she is a lady who is firmly set in the modern world with just one foot in the past and is happy doing what she is doing, which is playing Jazz on stage with friends who are also bandmates. Hannah Horton looks nothing like a Jazz saxophonist, she is young, smart, pretty, and talented – St Peter’s Review